Mr. Ethan Padgett Artist, Musician, Songwriter

Ethan is an artist from Canton Georgia. He released his first LP the E.P., ep, LP back in May of 2018 and is about to return with an EP, with his full band Rooster Cogburn coming Fall 2018.

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The Process.


The songs come from the life sources of the writers.Framed and curated, before hitting the studio. Talented players, crafting lyrics around the melodies and direction of the song.

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Recording here at LoverDeluxe is when the collaboration in the midst of delivering our stories, starts to run its course. We have the texture and tone we want to shoot for before the process begins. Then we run the marathon to the finish of the story.

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Performance and Visual

As the music is being nailed down and solidified the visual story begins to take place. From environment, texture, overall delivery of the story that is to be told from song to song and wholistically. From still images to film/video interviews and live stage performances.

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Our final part of the process is connecting, growing, and finding community to give to and yet learn from. We are grateful for the small and humble community we have, but this is where we are in school gaining a new educatio, learning and being a vibrant and effective community. Any ideas yaw?

What's good whitcha?

Making you look good is in our heritage

We here at LoverDeluxe Records, set out to be artisans, that provide listeners a unique musical journey. We are grateful to have the forum to bring our music to listeners around the world, and are persistently in the pursuit of growing creatively and evolving, in the midst, of the music we craft and the friends, peers, and community we "Hope" to gain along the way.

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The Team.

Ethan Padgett

Ethan Padgett

Artist, Songwriter, Musician

Ethan is a musician, singer, songwriter out of Canton, GA. We started our journey with Ethan in the summer of 2017 with the shooting of his Lonely Lung(s). He maintains his focus in his music and what he is to deliver to his listeners.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones

Producer, Writer, Chief Administrator

Michael is the chief administrator of LoverDeluxe Records. He is a writer and producer out of Kansas City. LoverDeluxe was brought about as a home for his solo productions and now taking the steps to grow with other artists and new productions in various fields of endeavor.

Hope Housman

Hope Housman

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Interaction Designer

Here is our Hope. Our newest. We're excited for all that she brings to the table and for you all to get the feel of her might very soon. She's on the way!




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